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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


About us:

Jumping Dreams was founded by sisters Dominique Artis and Angelicka Crawford September 2017. Being former competitors in the sport of double dutch they naturally had a passion for jumping rope and wanted to start a program in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Through jumping rope they realized you get more out of it than jump rope you literally develop important keys to life. Angelicka specifically took the approach from fighting childhood obesity as a child and used jump rope to stay in shape and build confidence. Dominique on the other hand used jump rope to make friends and travel the world. The sisters put the two ideas together and decided why not run an organization that can help youth of all ages and sizes become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.  Which will serve as a tool to build confidence, leadership, and social skills through the ropes of life.

Jumping Dreams started off as a hobby for Artis and Crawford which later turned into a career to help do good in the community of Charlotte , especially during the pandemic when many schools and youth organizations were shut down or limited. Our team ranks in the top 5 in the world in the sport of double dutch. We’re committed to succeeding as a unit, and dedicated to representing our team’s principles of hard work and sportsmanship. Jumping Dreams is made up of some incredibly talented players and a terrific staffing team who always seems to know when to push the right buttons and how to pull the right strings.

In our program we believe you should dream big and jump over any struggles in the ropes of life. 


Our Story

We started out as a small jump rope team trying to make a name for ourselves in the jump rope world. Our foundation began with two coaches who worked full time to support their love of the sport jump rope. Behind those two coaches you saw five ambitious young ladies looking to soak up everything they could to become champion jump rope competitions. 

We rented school gyms, practiced in hallways, in the hot sun outside where ever we could just to get some practice time in. After our first year of competing and realizing we had what it take to create a championship team we knew we took a step in the right direction. We noticed it was more than jump rope for us, we created an outlet for kids to just be kids again. Jumping Dreams become a home where you can express yourself without judgement, make friends and learn how to communicate without fighting, you get rewarded for helping someone and getting good grades. 

Dreamers have volunteered at soup kitchens, visited colleges, traveled out of the state of North Carolina for the first time, took their first flight, knew that there were mentors that listened and cared about their feelings. 


Now we have our own space for practice, expanded our program to not just our 30 competitive athletes, but over 1,000 youth in the community who just wanted to learn how to jump. Donated  over 10,000 free meals to youth in underprivileged areas of Charlotte.  Provided yearly scholarships to children who works hard to be in the program but can not financially afford it. 


We created a dreamer motto  to work hard for what you want in the ropes of life.

Meet Our Board 

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