Jumping Dreams Double Dutch was founded September  2017, incorporated May 3rd, 2018 founded by Angelicka Crawford and sister Dominique Artis. 

Double Dutch is something we did as youth growing up playing outside of school, jumping competitively and having fun.It was  more than a childhood game for us : it helped us with keeping our grades up in school, staying out of trouble, staying physically healthy, challenging ourselves to work harder, working with a team, and learning how to lead. The same lessons we try to teach our athletes. With 20 plus years experience Jumping we wanted to give back and share this unique sport with the youth in the Charlotte area. As well as build future leaders showing them to dream big and work hard for it. 

We are currently raising funds to have a permanent practice location, keep the program cost efficient for the youth , better equipment and uniforms , but most of all to be able compete in the world tournament  next year in Hartford, CT. 

In our first year in we managed to practice weekly even if it meant us coaches  paying  out of pocket for a space, performed at multiple events throughout the city, placed number 1 and 2 in the state for double dutch , and 4th and 5th in the world of double dutch .

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little more about us 

Coach Ashley and Coach Dominique 



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Meet Our Board  

Angelicka Crawford , MBA.

" I choose Jumping Dreams because I love the smile it puts on the community faces."

Crystal Starkes, MBA 

" I choose Jumping Dreams because children need people who belive in their dreams" 

Jonathan Yeatts

" I choose Jumping Dreams because physical fitness helps with overall health"


Sheneeza Osman

"I choose Jumping Dreams because I know what it feels like to have a mom who feeds a village"